Daily Announcements for May 31, 2023

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats

Today is Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Today is a B Day

Announcement for today include:

***Lunch for today is: Italian Stromboli or Turkey Deli Sandwich

***Breakfast for Thursday is: Brekkie or cereal

***Thursday for Lunch is: Hot Ham & Cheese or Fish sticks

***There will be No early release today. Today will be a full day.

***Also today will be the Last Day for the Homework Club.
    There is NO Homework Club tomorrow, Thursday, June1.

*** The last day of school is Friday,  June 2nd, and will be a half day.

***Students who will be in 6-12 next fall that are interested in playing football 
in the fall; there will be a meeting at 4pm tomorrow, Thursday, in the commons.
     Parents are also encouraged to attend.

Here are a few words of wisdom:

When you were little, did you ever run just for the sake of running-not to
win a race, not to run faster than someone else, but just to run, to let your 
feet fly, to pump your arms and legs and to breathe hard? It felt good,
didn't it?
That's really what athletics is all about. It's not just about winning or about
being the best, it's about getting into action . . . challenging yourself. And 
yes, it's fun to compete and to win trophies and ribbons, but feeling a
sense of accomplishment and purpose is really more important.
This summer vacation, get your body moving! Keep active! Get out and run
just for the sake of running. And remember this Bulgarian wisdom:
Nothing good is going to come from just sitting around all summer. Get out.
Walk and jog and swim and run . . .  just for the fun of it.

With something to think about, Make it a great day . . or not.

The choice is yours.