Daily Announcement for September 13,  2023

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats

Today is Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Today is a A Day

Announcement for today include:

***Lunch for today is:  Lasagna or Chicken Potstickers 

***Breakfast for Thursday is: Breakfast Bowl or Choice of Cereal 

***Thursday for Lunch is: Grilled Cheese Sandwich or Soft Beef Tacos

***Congratulations to Bryson  who received a medal for placing 13 out of 

   97 runners yesterday at their meet in Bonduel.  Great job to all of the runners            

   earning new personal records.

***There will be a mandatory Student Council meeting in Mrs. Brockman's room during lunch. Grab your lunch quickly and be on time so we can start the meeting right away. We have lots of business to discuss. All members are required to attend. 

See Mrs. Brockman with any questions.

***Here are a few words of wisdom:

Every day, we make choices. Some choices are very small, like

deciding whether to take the chocolate or the vanilla ice cream; and some

are very big, like deciding whether to do the right thing or not.

Now listen to great American statesman William Jennings Bryan. He says:

      Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.

Our destiny is basically our destination in life - where we are headed.

Mr. Bryan is saying that our choices determine our final destination . . . 

If you want to create a successful and happy future, pause for a moment

today and ask yourself this: Are my choices taking me in  the right 


With something to think about, Make it a great day . . or not. 

The choice is yours.