Morning Announcements

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,

Today is Friday, June 5, 2020

Announcements for today include:

**Happy Birthday to All of the Summer Birthdays in June, July and August.
**Band and Choral students, this is just a friendly reminder to please

get your Candy Bar fundraiser money back to school as soon as possible. 

**Gresham is delivering Free breakfast/lunch during the Summer.

Please call the school if you wish to continue these meals, that will start 

being delivered on Monday, June 8th, 2020.

 You can call the school @ 715-787-3211 EX. 800.
If no one answers; Please feel free to leave a message. Thank you!!

2020 Daily Holidays that fall on June 5, include:

  • Apple II Day -
  • Festival of Popular Delusions Day 
  • Hot Air Balloon Day 
  • National Donut Day - June 5, 2020 (First Friday in June)
  • National Gingerbread Day 
  • National Moonshine Day 
  • Ryan Moran Day - June 5, 2020 (First Full Moon in June)
  • World Environment Day  

2020 Weekly Holidays that include June 5, are:

  • Great American Brass Band Week - June 4-7, 2020
  • Hemp History Week - June 1-7, 2020
  • National Banana Split Day - June 5-6, 2020
  • National CPR and AED Awareness Week - June 1-7

*Here are a few words of wisdom:      
We've talked many times before about Albert Schweitzer and what a great 
humanitarian he was. Here's another pearl of wisdom from his great man:
         You must give some time to your fellow human beings.
          Even if it's a little, do something for others - 
          something for which you get no pay but the privilege of 
          doing it.
This summer, look for ways to serve others. Volunteer at a community
hospital or soup kitchen. Do something special around the house for your 
mom or dad or caregiver. Help an elderly neighbor with a chore. When we
give time and serve one another, everyone wins and the world's a better 
place. Remember Albert Schweitzer and give some of your free time to
others, then.....

**With something to think about, Make it a great day... or not. The choice is yours  

***Have a wonderful Summer Vacation!!