Daily Announcements for October 19,  2023

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats

Today is Thursday, October 19, 2023

Today is a B Day

Announcement for today include:

***Happy Birthday to Leslyn & Josie 

***Lunch for today is: Pasta w/Meat Sauce or Cheeseburger on a bun

***Breakfast for Friday is: French Toast Loaf  or Cereal

***Lunch for Friday is: Pepperoni Pizza or French Toast Sticks

*** HS Volleyball (H) vs. Niagara @ 7:00 PM.  It will be a Red Out.

    Cost for everyone is $6 at the door.

***Friendly reminder:  Permission slips are due to Mrs. Buettner

    for UW-Oshkosh trip on Monday, Oct. 23.  NO LATER.  

***To recognize October as Bullying Prevention Month:

    Friday- no particular outfit but students will participate 
    in the Blue Letter writing activity.
***As part of our efforts to reduce bullying and encourage kindness to one another, Gresham School is collecting new socks for Socktober! Donated socks will be given to residents of Shawano County through local shelters or non-profit organizations. Please place any new socks for donation in the cardboard box in the front lobby. We are collecting from Thursday October 19th, to next Thursday, October 26th. Thank you for your kindness!

***Today, Thursday October 19th, all HS boys who plan on playing basketball 
should meet in the cafeteria at 3:30 PM; with Bryson for their first run to get in shape for the season. If you can not make it please let Bryson or Ruben  know.

***Here are a few words of wisdom:

How many times did you hear your mom or dad say, don't forget to
brush your teeth. Did you wash your hands? Is that a clean shirt?
So what's the big deal about being clean? What difference does it make?
Well, let's think about that.
Don't you feel better when you're squeaky-clean, when your clothes are
fresh and your hair is combed and your teeth are brushed? And when you
feel better about yourself, have you noticed that you do better at school . . . 
that you have more fun with your friends?
Being the best you can be may mean cleaning up your act in more ways
than one. Today, remember this:
                    A pure heart is a good thing, and so is a clean shirt.*

***With something to think about, Make it a great day . . or not. The choice is yours.