Friday, January 3,2020

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,

Today is Friday, January 3rd, 2020

Today is a A Day

Announcements for today include:

**Lunch for today is: Cheeseburger on a Bun or BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

**Booster Basketball start tomorrow Saturday morning @ 9:00 AM

**Come out and support your Gresham Wildcats:
**HS Boys Basketball are away at Rosholt JV starts @6:00 PM
**HS Girls Basketball are home on Saturday against Bowler JV starts @ 6:00 PM

**Here are a few words of wisdom:
We all have dreams, goals, and ambitions-things we want to accomplish
or experience in our lives. Maybe it's a big dream like flying to the moon, or
maybe it's more down-to-earth, like wanting to make the honor roll this
grading period.
Regardless of what our dreams are, it's important that we surround
ourselves with people who believe in us and want to see us accomplish our goals.
Now listen to what great American author Mark Twain has to say about it:
      Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small
      people always do that, but really great people make you feel that 
      you. too, can become great.
Today, let's all behave like the truly great people we are. Let's encourage
each other's dreams and ambitions.

 **With something to think about, Make it a great day... or not. The choice is yours.