Monday, January 13, 2020

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,

Today is Monday, January 13, 2020

Today is a A Day

Announcements for today include:

**Lunch for today is: Oven Roasted Chicken or Hamburger on WG Bun

**The Lady Wildcats beat Suring 44-43 in OT. It was a very exciting game.

    We have picture day for girls basketball today. 
    JV/V in white uniforms at 5:00 PM.

**Come out and support your Gresham Wildcats:
   MS Girls Basketball have a home game vs Men. Indian at 4:00 PM

**Students in 8-11 grade your scheduling forms are due tomorrow at 3. 
   Please get them to Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. White, or Mrs. Goetsch. 

**FFA Blood Drive is Wednesday, January 15,  from Noon - 5 PM.

   See Mr. Zobeck for an appointment. 

**Here are a few words of wisdom:  

How many of you have seen the great California redwood trees? Did you 
know they are named after a great Native American named Sequoyah
(see QUOI a)? Sequoyah created an alphabet for the Cherokee language.

While he was working on the alphabet, he spent hours drawing
odd-shaped symbols. Many people called him a fool. Some even accused 
him of witchcraft. Despite all this, he pressed on and completed his
alphabet, which was a great contribution to the Cherokee Nation.
Now listen to these words from another Native American named
Teedyuscung (tee dee US kung):
               When you begin a great work you can't expect to finish all
                at once; therefore... press on, and let nothing discourage
                you till you have entirely finished what you have begun.

Whether you want to master the violin, break a record in sports, or do
something that has never been done before, believe in yourself and press on.

**With something to think about, Make it a great day... or not. The choice is yours.