Monday, April 6, 2020

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,

Today is Monday, April 6, 2020

Announcements for today include:

**April is National Autism Awareness Month  

**April is World Autism Month, and we're inviting friends and neighbors around the world to come together and make 2020 the Year of Kindness.

**Gresham is delivering Free breakfast/lunch during this closure. Please fill out the form if you Haven't signed up or want to change your preference.
You can call the school @ 715-787-3211 EX. 800
There is no Breakfast/Lunch delivery on Friday, April 10th, due to
 Easter weekend. But we will be delivering Friday's meal with Thursday. Thank you for understanding. 

**Students: Check the Live feed App for Gresham on the photos of the  Mystery Bags that we have in the gym.  So You can claim these items if they belong to YOU!
    Thank You!!

**Here are a few words of wisdom: 
Are you a person who finds it difficult to ask for help when you need it?
Then listen up!
Beryl Markham grew up in Africa and was a pilot there for many years.She
carried mail, supplies, and passengers to remote parts of the continent.
Listen to what she says to us today:
               In Africa, people learn to serve each other. They live on
               credit balances of little favors that they give and may, one 
               day, ask to have returned.
In other words, people help one another in small ways, knowing that they

will receive help in return should they need it someday.
Today, look for small ways to be helpful and don't be afraid to ask for help
 if you need it. When we serve one another, everybody wins!

**With something to think about, Make it a great day... or not. The choice is yours.