Daily Announcements

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,

Today is Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Announcements for today include:

  ***Today is a B Day 

***Happy Birthday today to Elijah May & Christinee Kilgore

***Extra Special Announcements: MS & HS students Please make sure you 
   check your email and triple check your email for those important 

***Today for lunch: Hot Ham & Cheese on Flatbread

     **Wednesday is Half Day students will be released at 11:10 AM
          MS & HS students it is a B Day with classes 1-4 hour.

***Friday is a Half Day of school which is also the last day of the school year.

  ***Here are a few words of wisdom:  

Summer vacation can be one of the  most special times  of  life. Many of
you will stay up later, sleep later, spend more time with friends, and
travel to visit relatives. No school can mean a lot more freedom. The 
question is: What are you going to do with all that extra time and 
freedom? What choices are you going to make?
Some of the most important choices we ever make in life, we make on
summer vacation, because all that free time opens up so many more
opportunities . . .  good and bad.
This summer, start off by making a really smart choice. Choose some
positive goals for the summer. Set a goal for the number of books you
will read, or how often you will write in your journal, or how much
exercise you will get.
Start your summer vacation off on a positive note. Promise yourself that
you'll make good use of your time, make wise choices, and say "no" to
negative peer pressure . . . right from the beginning.

***With something to think about,  Make it a great day....or not. The choice is yours.