Daily Announcement for September 8,  2021

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,
Today is Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Today is a A Day

Announcements for today include:

***Happy Birthday to Cory 

***Lunch for today is: Toasted Cheese Sandwich/Tomato soup or 

                                                Crispy Chicken Sandwich
***Thursday for lunch is: Beefy Nachos w/cheese sauce or Ham & Cheese Calzone

***ERVING students for the assembly today please remember to wear 
  your masks on the bus trip to Marion!  

***Cross Country team did awesome at Wittenberg on a tough course. 
     Kudos to Bryson  for beating a personal best!

***Congratulations to the High School Volleyball teams last night as both teams defeated Northland Lutheran in 3 sets. This is the Varsity’s first conference win, which gives them an overall record of 6-2, while JV remains undefeated with a 9-0 record. Great job last night Lady Wildcats!

***We are still looking for more 5th - 8th graders interested in playing soccer this fall. We need more to have a team &  not have to cancel games. Next practice is 4 - 6 pm
on Thursday field behind school. See Mr. Zobeck if you have questions.

***Student Council will have their first meeting on Friday, 9/10 during 9th hour

     in Mrs. Brockman's room. All Class Officers and Reps are required to attend.

***Seniors: Reminder that ALL forms are due to Mrs. Brenda Hoffman

    by September 10th to get a TREAT!

***10th hour: Begins on September 13th...remember to check your email daily!
***Students who have a parking spot make sure you are parking

     in your assigned parking spot.

***Here are a few words of wisdom:

Virtue is one of those old-fashioned words we don't hear much anymore.

According to Mr. Webster's dictionary , it means "general moral goodness
...right action and thinking...uprightness."
In other words, when a person has virtue, she strives to do the right thing
with her thoughts, words, and actions. She is honest, respectful, and kind.
Now listen to this American proverb:
        Unless virtue guides us, our choice must be wrong.
What  does that mean? It means that unless we make choices based on 
honesty, respect, kindness, and responsibility, we make the wrong
choices. Next time you have a big choice to make, think about what
qualities are guiding you and let virtue be your guide.

 With something to think about; Make it a great day...or not. The choice is yours.