Daily Announcement for September 15,  2021

Good Morning Gresham Wildcats,
Today is Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Today is a A Day

Announcements for today include:

***Happy Birthday to Ireland who had a Birthday yesterday

***Lunch for today is: Popcorn Chicken Bowl
***Thursday for lunch is: Hot dog on a bun or Stromboli

***Reminder students that this is an A week so you should report to your 9th hour A week class on Google meets or in person room.  

***Middle School Volleyball game against Bowler for tomorrow is Postponed  

***Here are a few words of wisdom:

Ever notice how there is a clear goal in every sport? The goal may be to
slam a ball through a hoop or to win a gold medal. Either way, serious
athletes always have the goal in mind. It motivates them to work hard and
do their best.
We all need to have goals in life. Today, we want you to think about your
goals for this grading period. Are you planning to make some improve-
ments? What are they? How about your conduct grades? Could they be
better? Stop for a minute and write down at least one specific goal.
Then remember this Japanese proverb:
    When you are thirsty, it's too late to think of digging the well.
In other words, when your teacher hands you your report card and your 
grades aren't what they should be, it's too late. You need a game plan
now. Set a goal, plan ahead, then go for the gold!

**With something to think about,  Make it a great day....or not. The choice is yours.